Bluewater Diver & Salvage Co.

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Did your boat just sink?


Do you need your boat to be salvaged in a timely manner? If so, call Bluewater Diver & Salvage Co. to get the job done at an affordable price!

We work all of our jobs on a “No-Cure, No-Pay” contract, meaning if we don't produce the outcome we have agreed on, then there is no charge. The choice is clear!

Our goal is to service the insurance industries and their clients using state of the art equipment and to be unique among the other salvage companies. You could consider us the “Minute men” of salvage! Unlike other salvage companies who are based on the water, we are mobile. We have worked numerous individual jobs from Charleston, SC to Key West, FL to New Orleans, LA. Generally if you call us today, we can be on the scene first thing in the morning, anywhere in the southeast United states!

When you as the insurance company have a loss, instead of being at the mercy of “I-R-Salvor” and getting an outrageous invoice, you can count on a guaranteed fixed low price from BWD!